Aegon Virtual Reality Candidate Experience Journey


WHAT: Realizing a Virtual Reality (VR) world based on the Aegon candidate journey, in order to provide candidates with a unique and innovative Aegon experience. In doing so, turn the Aegon application journey into a memorable experience and attract new types of employees.

WHY: Aegon deals with a sector in which it is difficult to attract new type of young talent employees due to fierce competition and a less attractive (old fashioned) image. Aegon is optimizing the ‘Aegon candidate experience journey’ to get the best candidates and let them feel being part of Aegon as from the start. To do this, it is important that Aegon digitally captures all important experience moments in the journey. However, an innovative candidate experience is difficult to realize with traditional media. A possible solution is to create a VR Candidate Journey. Key questions: (1) What are needs and wants from candidate and employee perspective concerning a VR experience?, (2) How to create a VR candidate Journey? and (3) What is the added value of VR compared to traditional media creating a candidate experience?


HOW: ‘Experience a day at Aegon in VR’. Creating an enriching Aegon customer experience journey, by means of real-time CG VR and 360o movies, so that candidates feel like having worked at Aegon. A cinematic based building experience is created in which a water based surrounding will slowly become the main hall of the Aegon building (experience the beauty and size of the main hall). In the building the candidate can access different 360O picture and movie experiences of important candidate touchpoints and feel present among Aegon staff. The candidate is, among others, part of a lunch meeting to experience an informal meeting with future colleagues while being able to peek around to witness how people behave, dress and enjoy the high quality of food offering. Several 360 pictures can be accessed to experience other important candidate touchpoints (e.g., the Aegon candidate interview room). VR Tech dimensions: (a) Sensory: Vision: 360 animated + movie, Sound: 360o building and menu interaction sounds and Aegon music. (b) Interaction: interactive (growing) building and menus + passive interaction (part of movie experiences). (c) Control: teleportation movements (doors to different VR movie experiences); (d) Manipulation: no (under construction with artwork). VR devices: (1) Samsung Gear HMD, (2) Samsung 360 Gear camera. Engine: Unity

WHO: Aegon: Paul Visser (talent acquisition manager), Esther van der Hoorn (customer Experience Manager), Guus Ekelenkamp (Manager Recruitment, Learning & Development) and all employees who helped with the VR movies. NHTV: Marnix van Gisbergen (project lead), Martin walker (technical lead), Oscar Bastians (360 movie lead), Joey Relouw (artist), Wouter de Graaff (programmer), Kevin Hutchinson (programmer)

WHEN: Oktober-January 2016

NEXT STEPS: (1)Testing the VR Journey: (a) added value compared to traditional media, (b) user experience and (c) new concepts based on needs and wants. (2) Extending the VR Candidate Journey: creating new concepts and looking for possibilities to make use of the interactive artwork

RESEARCH LINE: Digital Media Concepts