Descend: The Vertigo Game 


Descend is a virtual reality game initially made by a small team of ADE game students, in the HTC Vive, using vertigo (i.e. dizziness characterized by a sensation of whirling motion, either of oneself or of external objects) to lift simple “course” challenges to a terrifying new level. Considering a conventional play area of VR is only 3m by 3m, a player usually needs tricks to navigate through a virtual space which breaks the immersion or induces motion sickness. A distinctive design feature of this game is that it deals with these play‐space limitations in a unique way by allowing the player to endlessly explore the virtual world through descending over a spiraling pathway. This particular component makes for a highly immersive, and dizzying descend that can make even the most advanced gamers to surrender after a few meters into the depth.

The alpha version was created by de game students until Cradle R&D picked up the project in order to create a beta version in which they mainly replaced the art.

Alpha version:

Made by IGAD (game) students – Gijs Bazelmans (design & art), Sjef van Buren (programming), Geronimo van den Braak (art), Matthew Wildman (programming), Dylan Duits (programming)

Beta version:

Joey Relouw (art), Nathaniel Essenberg (programming)


Portfolio project Cradle Research and Development