Green Bubbles: Project Dive


Project Dive is a virtual reality experience that lets you explore underwater environments. The environments are built based on real life locations using photogrammetry data collected by marine biologist traveling around the world. The experience is brought to life by ADE-Staff and IGAD students. It is created for the HTC Vive and build within Unity 5. Dive is still a work in progress and we are planning on adding gameplay for research purposes. The game is aiming at schoolkids and (potential) divers to experience the impact of sustainable diving on the environment.

Project dive is part of an EU-funded project named Green Bubbles, dedicated to recreational SCUBA diving, an activity engaging millions of people worldwide. Green Bubbles will maximize the benefits associated with diving while minimizing its negative impacts, thus achieving the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the system.

The Green Bubbles project is funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 643712. Green Bubbles is run by a consortium of nine entities, including universities, research organisations, educational organisations and SMEs from Italy, the Netherlands, Malta, Turkey, South Africa and the United States.

The alpha version was created by de game students until Cradle R&D picked up the project in order to create a beta version which can be used for research purposes.


Professorship: Digital media concepts
NHTV Green Bubbles project
Project leader: Bina Champaneria
Other team members: Michelle Kovacs, Licia Calvi, Arnoud Versluis, Hans de Nie, Cagri Sumengen, Bojan Endrovski, Chris Rothwell.

Involved in Green Bubbles:
Polytechnic University of Marche, Studio Associato Gaia, UBICA, Innovasub, DAN Europe, North-West University, College of Exploration, DAN South Africa.

NHTV Dive game
Alpha version: Thomas van den Ingh (Production), Borislav Dimitrov (Design), Bart Kort (Audio), Ron van Essen (Programming), Maurice Heijligers (Programming), Nathaniël Essenberg (Programming), Niek Kleverlaan (Art), Martijn Dijksen (Design/Programming),
Beta version: Joey Relouw (Art), Kevin Hutchinson (Programming)