Digital Media Concepts

Prof. Marnix van Gisbergen

The digital media research area is entitled ‘Contextual Connected Media’ and has a focus on virtual reality. It uses media context as the guiding principle to measure, explore and understand the functionality and role of virtual reality. In doing so it provides a framework against which organizations can create virtual reality concepts and media strategies, designed to engage and reach audiences who do -or do not- move across different media platforms.

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Serious Games

Prof. Igor Mayer

The serious games research area is entitled ‘Playful Organisations & Learning Systems’. The ambition is to design and study the impact of games – their concepts, principles and technology – on team performance, organizational effectiveness and the management of complex systems, for the good of society.

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Creative and Entertainment Games

Prof. Mata Haggis

The creative and entertainment games research area is entitled ‘Understanding the shaping of identities and worlds in creative and entertainment games’. It examines the discourse between players, DER, and the social and historical contexts in which games are played. It does this both from the approach of cultural criticism and technological investigations, looking at the relationship between gaming artefacts and player experiences.

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