Cradle works on ‘the creation and research of experiences’.

Cradle is a part of the Academy for Digital Entertainment (ADE), which is an academy of NHTV, Breda University of Applied Sciences. It promotes, coordinates and conducts research and innovative activities in the areas of games and digital media. Within Cradle focus is on ‘engaging playful experiences’ in ‘Digitally Enhanced Realities (DER)’. These experiences are designed and studied for their intrinsic capacity (entertainment and fun) and for their impact (learning, change). Affiliated designers create (or imagine, design, make and produce) new experiences in the form of innovative game and media concepts and playable prototypes. And right up to the development, production and market launch of games and media products and services. What is more, Cradle studies playful experiences experientially: in lab experiments, field labs and pilots, through real-life interventions, and through the observation of behaviour and cultures in online games and media.

The strategic objective of Cradle is to improve the quantity and quality of applied research of NHTV / ADE in the area of games and digital media and to increase the impact that this research has on industry, the public sector and society at large. In short: Cradle will conduct research and create innovation  sectors both in and outside the creative sector, but only if an element of engagement via digital media is present



 The R&D Lab

This video impression of the activities within the Cradle Research and Development lab is produced by IMEM (International Media and Entertainment Management) students of the Academy for Digital Entertainment as an assignment to improve their video production skills.