In this Virtual Reality production we are creating an experience of the sewers in Breda. The idea is to create an experience that will engage people to read news on the need to renovate over 1300 km of sewers in the city of Breda. A project that will cost around 100 million euro. To engage and reach local and regional audiences with this news, a VR experience of the sewers is created. This experience will be a computer generated experience in which the audience can witness the old parts of the sewer while being engaged with a story and circumstances of what would happen if the sewers would not be renovated.

Soon we will not only release the project to be experienced in VR, but we will also provide information on the creation part, the benefits and struggles to create computer generated VR being news agencies and the effects (will it have an carryover effect towards reading the news story and how does that relate with the VR experience itself).



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